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My name is Darlene Wade and I have been a successful party planner for many years.  I consider party planning a lot of fun.  It allows me to use my talent, style, and creativity to plan truly successful parties.

Throughout my party planning years, I've designed and implemented many successful parties.  With the information in my new FREE mini-course, you can easily plan any type of party successfully AND easily.

Whatever the occasion:  birthday, anniversary, bachelor, wedding, sweet 16, graduation, holiday, even dinner or cocktail parties.  I am happy to share some of my party planning tips and tricks with you, FREE of charge!

You might wonder why I am willing to give away some of my trade secrets. Well, I'll tell you.  Because I am an extremely enthusiastic party planner, I never run out of fresh ideas for upcoming events.  Some of the proven tips and ideas I've used in the past will help you plan your own event, easily and effortlessly.

I hope you enjoy my website.  Happy Party Planning!

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to Plan Your Party Perfect!

My name is Darlene Wade, and I've been planning successful parties and events for many years.

As a true party planning enthusiast, I want your next party planning process to be easy and fun.  I'm willing to share with you some proven party planning tips and tricks, free of charge.

Feel free to browse my website.  I truly hope you enjoy it.

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  • How to easily tap into your creative talents when Choosing the Perfect Party Theme.

  • That throwing the Perfect Party is possible on a small budget.

  • Easy formula to calculate how much pizza to buy for a Pizza Party.

  • The do's and don'ts of Furniture Shifting to create more room.

  • Tips on how to be the Perfect Hostess.

  • How to be prepared just in case Murphy's Law makes a visit.

  • Different party categories and planning for each one's unique needs and style.

  • Much, much more!

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